Welcome to the VFM&S Team!

May 11th, 2012

VFM&S Team

VFM&S wanted to maximize productivity and keep turnaround times reasonable so when we ventured into the mill biz we knew we needed to hire staff. Wanted to produce the best quality for our customers we dreamed about having staff that knew fiber, fiber processing and were familiar with machinery. Little did we know that we would find such folks in our own back yard!
Welcome to …

  •  Donna Herrick, a long time fiber person who does it all (dyes, spins, knits, crochets, weaves, ). Donna has a flock of sheep and operated a small scale procssing biz. Donna was also a NC programmer at GE’s Aircraft Engine facility in Rutland.
  •  Debbie Kirby, another long time fiber person who also does it all. Debbie has raised angora goats for many years and is best known for her beautiful thrummed mohair mittens.
  • Gloria Chandler rounds out the group. Gloria is a fiber enthusiast who works primarily with felt and, like Donna, worked for GE where both started in the Machinist Apprentice Program. Glo can troubleshoot equipment and has a process focus.